Mariana Moraes >>Descortinado Paisagem<<

Mariana Moraes photographed a beautiful series with our Kolor film in Rio de Janereiro. It’s called “descortinando paisagem“ (unveiling landscape), read on to learn what she has so say about it.

“Unveil, open, give chance to see outside and beyond. This essay is finding to transmute the fish`s net from its usual purpose for his leave be endles when rested. Within an aesthetic relation between the fish’s net and the landscape of the Posto 6, in Copacabana, the net became an element to cover the paisage, an mesh to look forward the world. How to unveil another world? The shooting was taken with Revolog Kolor film, which contributed for the unexpected result, part of the essay`s concept which propose recreating the scenery. Rio de Janeiro, 2015″

Film used: Kolor

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