Blanca Viñas’ revolog experiments

One of the main reasons Michael and I decided to found revolog was our love for experimenting with analog film. The joy of working with the emulsion and the surprises that come after developing are unbeatable. That’s why we just love the work of photographer Blanca Viñas, who submitted these beautiful Kolor and 600nm pictures.

This is what she has to say about her and her photography:

I started taking photographs when I discovered the possibility of the sensitive emulsion of film to be treated as a canvas of a painting. It can be used as a surface to express different realities without employing painting techniques. For me it was the perfect opportunity to create images uncontrolled, where the surprise is a part of the game. Double exposures, colour filters, masks or chemical treatments are some of the techniques used to juxtapose views, propose new architectures or unbalanced perceptions of daily life, captured with SLR cameras and various lomography devices.”

“I still do not dedicate myself to photography but I’m starting to get more and more projects. I work designing covers for music albums, I’ve done some exhibitions, but it’s just the beginning.”

My favorite subjects are the silhouettes of people, the sea, beaches, children .. I like to take these items to play with them through double exposures.

“To take double exposures I use Nikon FE2 and lomo LC-A+. And my favourite films are the color films, now my favourite is revolog Kolor :)”

You can find more information and photos on Blancas website.

Keep up the fanstastic work Blanca!

Films used: 600nmKolor

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