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Learn more about the incredible work of Michael Walrond

Michael Walrond aka SHDWSOFDUST is publishing his first art book, and we are more than excited.

We have been following the work of Michael since quite a while and to be honest his photos never disappoint. It’s a big honor for us that he also uses our films sometimes.

Here is what he says about his book:

“Throughout this seven year visual journey, the subjects I have captured and collaborated with have become vessels, embodying not only my own innermost depths but also their own unique stories. Together, we have explored a range of emotions and experiences, including embracing vulnerability, isolation, loss, sensuality, depression, love, and euphoria.

This book is more than just a collection of images; it is an exploration of what it truly means to be human and how we forge connections with ourselves and others. It invites readers to embark on a visual journey that provokes introspection and fosters a deeper understanding of our shared humanity.”

The book is on promotion until Oct 28th for 79€

You can get it here: SHDWSOFDUST

Also make sure to follow him on Instagram

We already ordered our copy, and we are looking forward to opening it 🙂

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