Time to say goodbye

Don’t worry, Revolog is here to stay, but one part of it is leaving. Hanna will go on a different path, here’s her goodbye.

Fellow analog lovers and followers of revolog!

First I want to say THANK YOU for being such a huge part of my life! Revolog has been my main focus for the past 14 years and it feels strange to leave it behind.

That being said, I know I am leaving it within the best care imaginable as Michael will continue with the same verve and excitement for analog photography as I have. He is full of ideas and I can’t wait to see what he will come up with. I mean, he’s already managed to create medium format films, incredible!

As for my leaving: The past years have been a lot for me, many unexpected blows of fate, a global pandemic and an increasingly fading resilience have brought me into a burn-out situation. Different needs and visions were starting to strain on Michael and me and since the last thing we wanted to lose was our friendship, I decided it was better for me to leave the company and find out which path I want to take in the future. I have been working as a freelance photographer the past 14 years on the side and might continue on this path more intensely. I might also go into a totally different direction, time will bring more clarity (hopefully!). 

Photography, especially analog photography, will always have a huge place in my heart though. Some of you may already know my project “Vienna Zines”, others may not, but I’d love to have you follow me along as I photograph Vienna’s streets in alphabetical order. Each street is photographed on analog film (of course many of them were taken with revolog film!) and I create a limited edition of 5 zines for each street. They are all bound by hand by me and I love to explore my hometown in this way.

If you live in Vienna and are interested in my zines: Stop by at Softcover on January 26th 2024, where I will talk a bit about my project and host a little quiz (of course there will be prices to win).

Again, thank you for all your inspiration, your kind words and support! And in the case of our business partners: the incredibly smooth cooperation. I’ll be forever grateful to have been part of this amazing journey.

Love, Hanna

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