Revolog presents dubblefilm STEREO

We’re giddy with excitement to present you the work of the past months, a new film created exclusively for dubblefilm: STEREO

When we first met Adam of dubblefilm to talk about our collaboration, it was clear from the beginning that we wanted to create something new to celebrate our working together.

We brainstormed a few ideas and quickly focused on something we wanted to try for some time. Since dubblefilms full frame tints have proven very popular we thought a film that changes color halfway through would be exciting, especially the serendipity in the middle part. It also allows two distinct looks in one roll of film.

After seeing the first contact sheet above it was clear how this film would have to be named: STEREO! In reminiscence of old school 3D glasses, where one lens is tinted blue and the other red.

STEREO is a transitional speciality film as it starts full frame red and half way through fades to full frame blue.

We’re sure you’re extremely excited to get your hands on this awesome film. Here’s a list where it is already available (or will be very soon):

Here’s also a small video Adam made when he stumbled upon a Silent Disco in Barcelona and shot a roll of Stereo. Enjoy!

Featured product: dubblefilm Stereo

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