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As an ongoing series we would like to introduce you to the photographers behind the pictures in our 2019 Nature Calendar. The first to go is Sarah Blard, who took the January photo.

Ciao the Revolog team! Thanks for having me! I wish to you both, Hanna and Michael a sweet and surprising new year!

Where are you from, how old are you?

My name is Sarah Blard. I am a French photographer and I’m 36.

Would you like to tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a photographer?

I started photography as a hobby just after high school, and then moved to Australia for a few years, where I started shooting even more. This was where I started to focus on wild landscape photography. I did some commissioned work and portfolio books in Melbourne.
I have an artistic background and have been acting and singing for over 10 years. But even during periods of acting, I never stopped shooting. I only decided to really show my artistic photographic work about 3 years ago.

Do you professionally work as a photographer?

I am a freelance translator and photographer. But in the past year interest in my photography work has started to boom and I am being asked to do more commissioned work and institutional projects.  

Why do you like to take analog pictures? Do you shoot digital as well?

I use digital mainly for institutional work. I am moving toward less and less digital in my artistic projects. I love the overall process of photographing with analog cameras, the mechanics behind it. I like the process of selecting one of my analog cameras, loading it with a particular film, thinking about the mood and atmosphere I want to achieve. And then there is the surprise and delight of picking up the films developed at the lab – there are always unexpected treasures, captured moments and accidents.

Your work features beautiful moody landscapes. Do you carefully select the places you visit and plan your shooting according to weather forecasts or are you driven by luck?

I do usually choose my destinations based on how they inspire me photographically. But once travelling, I don’t plan my shooting or movement across the place according to weather forecast. That said, I do go out to shoot when I see the weather getting bad, which makes for funny and sometimes scary memories! But most of all, what I tune my photographic eye to are those unexpected moments in nature that bring out a surreal mood and enhance the beauty of the location.

Is there a certain background story behind the picture that is featured in January of our 2019 calendar? If so, would you like to share it with us?

I took the photo in Slovenia’s Triglav national park. We decided very last minute to go on a road trip through Slovenia last January. We were blown away by the country and its beauty. The national holidays had just finished so we were quite alone everywhere we went. It was bliss! At the time of this shot, we were in the middle of Triglav and in utter peace, surrounded by vast fields of snow and giant trees. Marvelous!

Do you have a favorite subject to photograph? If so, why?

No, not just one – and I expect some new subjects to emerge this year. What I love about photography is this possibility of constant evolution, discovery, and experimentation. I obviously love to take photos of nature, silhouettes in wild landscapes, and all kinds of clouds. But most importantly I love to photograph what is mysterious, to explore contrast, and the tiny line between the visible and the invisible.

What’s your favorite analog camera?

Choosing a go-to camera is always difficult for me. When I go on long trips I always bring at least 3 analog cameras! Last year I took my canon EOS3 on all trips, plus two others, depending upon what I wanted to do. I am also very attached to my CanonAE1. This year I would love to experiment with 120 roll film and my Sem Semflex. I have never used 120 roll film before and I am very intrigued to try it.

Do you have a favorite revolog film?

The 460nm is definitely a favourite film, and one I try to always bring with me when travelling.

Thank you for the interview, Sarah, we also wish you a wonderful 2019!  
See more of Sarah Blard’s work on her website and instagram.

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