Artist Feature – Brian Bruno

Just recently the amazing Brian Bruno photographed the wonderful Audrey Kitching using our very own Kolor film. Aren’t the results incredible? We couldn’t let the chance pass by to ask Bruno more about his work and photography.

Where are you from, how old are you?

I’m 33 and from The Philadelphia Area.

Would you care to tell us a bit about yourself and how you came to be a photographer?

I have been rooted in photography since high school and with my last year strictly dedicated to film photography.

Do you professionally work as a photographer?

I still have a day job but photography is always becoming more and more in my life.

Why do you like to take analog pictures? Do you shoot digital as well?

I like how there is a set amount of shots, the look of it. The options etc… I don’t own a digital camera besides my phone.

Do you have a favorite subject to photograph? If so, why?

Audrey Kitching who is in these photos we create almost every week together… we never run out of ideas and is always fun.

What’s your favorite analog camera?

The Leica M6.

Do you have a favorite revolog film?

I really love Kolor, 460nm and 600nm since they have a beautiful slide film quality to them.

Do you have any future projects you’d like to talk about?

Besides the release of my Polaroid book recently.  I have been working on larger scale instant photos and toying around to start work on a another book soon too.

Follow Brian: brunoroids Follow Audrey: akitching

Film used: Kolor

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