Revolog canisters get a Facelift!

After 10 years it was time for a new look.

After some minor changes in 2017, when we changed the font on our film rolls and introduced a new gradient for our Kolor film with the help of Elena Anna Rieser, we decided it was time for a bolder change in 2020.

before 2017
after 2017

We love our significant color scheme that Elena and Christiana Lugbauer came up with back in 2010, but felt that the English description was outdated. Many of our customers are Non-English-Speakers and we wanted to find a way to show what our films can do without having to print labels in all kinds of languages.
And what says more than a thousand words? Right, a photo! So please let us introduce you to our new beautiful film canisters:

Let us know what you think in the comments (or send us a message), we’d love to hear your opinions! And don’t forget that you will still receive 10% discount when ordering through our shop with the discount code 10YEARS10PERCENT.

Hanna + Michael

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