Advanced Guide – Snovlox

When the nights start to get longer it means our limited edition Snovlox film is back in stock. In this guide you’ll learn more about this beautiful Black and White film.

Film: 35mm

Type: Black and White

Exposures: 36

ISO: 100

Snovlox was created as the black and white version of our Volvox film. Due to the white colour of the dots the effect is reminiscent of snowflakes – hence the name, which is a mixture of Snowflake and Volvox.

If you’re in the mood to add some winter feel to your photographs then Snovlox is the perfect film for you.

Over / Under Exposure

Black and white film has a large dynamic range and can be quite broadly over- and underexposed, but the effect of the Snovlox film might vanish if you overexpose your photos too much and might come off too strong when underexposing.

Snovlox film has the same developing times as Kodak TMax 100 film.

Normal exposure

You can create an eerie atmosphere when using Snovlox film somewhere that doesn’t look like winter at all.

Or you can choose to use Snovlox film for portraits.

If you get hold of an analog 3D camera, like a Nimslo, you can also create fantastic 3D Gifs, like this of singer Vashti Bunyan.

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